Electrical Components / MCUs

These components can be used to either build new drivers or repair/modify/upgrade existing ones.

  • Electrical Components
    • Capacitors
    • Diodes
    • Resistors
    • FETs
  • MCUs
    • attiny13a SSU / MMU
    • attiny25 SSU
    • attiny85 SU
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1 uF 16V 0805 X7R Ceramic Capacitor (OTC)
This is the capacitor that you want for all of your off-time driver conversions.  Use with STAR..
10 uF 16V 0805 X6S Ceramic Capacitor
This capacitor is commonly used as the main capacitor on the FET drivers and 105C/qlite drivers. &nb..
Atmel attiny13a MMU MCU
This is the minitiature version of the popular attiny13a flashlight driver controller.&nbs..
International Rectifier IRLR8726TRLPBF N Channel MOSFET - DPAK-2
This low-resistance MOSFET is used to build the SRK FET driver.  Very low on resistance at low ..
LDO - 5V - SOT-23-5 - AP2204K
This 5V LDO is used on many (but not all!) of the MTN PCBs with LDO capability. Specifications ..
This resistor is used as "R1" in many driver designs. Specifications: 19.1K Resistance 08..
This resistor is used as "R1" in many 2S or 3S driver designs. Specifications: 36K Res..
This resistor is used as "R2" in many driver designs. Specifications: 4.7K Resistance 080..
This tiny resistor is used as the "P" or pulldown resistor in many of the new MTN FET+7135 desi..
Schottky Diode - 0805
This type of schottky diode is often used for reverse polarity protection.   Specifications:..
SOD-323 4.7V Zener Diode
This is a 4.7v SOD-323 zener diode that is used for many of the FET driver boards.  For the qli..
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