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This kit includes everything you need to assemble this driver yourself, including the PCB and 7135 chips.  Just assemble and run!

What's Included (component location on PCB in bold):

  • Moonlight Special 17mm PCB
  • 7x 380mA 7135 chips
  • 1x 350mA 7135 chip (allows a lower moonlight mode; place on 7135 closest to the R1 & R2 pads)
  • Pre-programmed attiny13a MCU
  • Gold plated spring
  • 0603 10uF X6S capacitor | C1
  • 0805 1uF X7R capacitor | OTC
  • 0603 4.7k 1% resistor | R2
  • 0603 19.1k 1% resistor | R1
  • SOD-323 diode | D1 (diode line towards bottom of board)
  • Pair of 24 AWG silicone wires

Driver Information:

This driver was designed to deliver the lowest possible moonlight level on a high-performance 7135 driver.  Instead of driving all of the 7135s at a low level in moonlight mode, this driver activates only a single 7135 for the lowest and most stable moonlight mode possible.  Off-time memory makes mode changes and memory as intuitive as possible.  



*Input voltage: 2.8V - 4.5V

*Default Current: ~3A (7x380mA & 1x350mA 7135 chips)

*Constant Current

*PCB diameter: 17mm

*Off-Time Memory Function 

*No visible flicker on any mode

*Reverse polarity protection

*Gold plated spring

*Gold plated contacts

*Low voltage protection: At 2.9-3V the light will begin to ramp down to a lower mode . At 2.8V the light will shut off.  



Mode Group Selection:

  1. Moonlight--->2%-->33%-->100%
  2. Moonlight-->15%-->100%
  3. Moonlight-->5%-->100%
  4. Custom.  Choose your own modes.  Enter the following into your checkout comments:
    1. Number of Modes (1 to 6)
    2. Mode Levels (Example:  Moonlight-->15%-->100%) 
      Moonlight Mandatory! (otherwise you should just buy a normal qlite driver)

Mode Order:

  1. ‚ÄčAscending:  L-->H
  2. Descending:  H-->L

Turbo Timer (light will step down from highest mode at a designated time interval):

  1. None
  2. 30 Seconds
  3. 60 Seconds
  4. 90 Seconds
  5. 120 Seconds
  6. 180 Seconds

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